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Thursday, June 28, 2012

July 4th Centerpiece

July 4th Fireworks Centerpiece

Murtle here. Yeah, yeah, I've been MIA in the crafting world. I'm trying hard to get back in it. The last few months seem to be a blur...balancing a million projects, baby and trying to use the bathroom alone.   I have a number of legit excuses reasons for putting off my crafting projects. Thank goodness for Gertrude keeping you interested with her remarkable work and craft enthusiasm. G. is my hero. ;)

You can substitute gumballs with marbles or any type of candy. 

Added a little paper flag I found at Micheals.

Cut the roses and added them to the vase attempting to be symmetrical. ;)

Added smaller flags found at Micheals, and folded the flag over the vase.

Using tiny 2 inch firework die cuts found at Micheals I hot glued them to a left over flag stick.

Ta Da! I'm back crafting. This is an easy project and does not require much money or time!  Perfect for the table while having BBQ and fireworks!

Hope you have a great Fourth of July!
xoxoxo - Murtle

Saturday, May 12, 2012


This is MURTLE'S unfinished craft room. [project #849].  She's busy, you know. lol  She started 200 million different projects all AT ONCE!

It was the boys room BEFORE the chaos began.

 Here I am thinking "Gertrude's gonna kill me because it's not fully perfected and completed yet". xoxoxo Murtle

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner Bouquet.

Rehearsal Dinner Bouquets are sometimes such a pain in the arse because they're SO HARD to make cute.  Anyway, you have to make the bouquet from the wadded up scrap ribbon torn off of gifts at the wedding shower.  It can be tough, but I came up with a cute way to make it pretty.  Oh yeah, you haven't heard from ME lately.  sick kids, sick kids. sick. kids.  I hope to be back long enough to catch up with all of Gertrude's perfectly done posts.  I'm so super lazy and always a little ball of chaos compared to her.  Anyway, here is the impatient quickly thrown together blog collage.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Tree Contest - $100 gift card prize

Get your photos to us by Dec. 22, and voting will be until Dec. 29, 2011. Winner Announced Jan. 2, 2011.  Here is a detailed list of contest rules.
OUR facebook is

* 100 dollar gift card to Michaels craft store
* No substitute prize if a Michaels store is not located in your city or state
* Prize retail value of $100 – can not be altered or changed in any way and is not redeemable for cash