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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blue, Silver, and White...OH MY! ~ Gertrude's Tree

So, I was originally going to make my Christmas tree post another example of  how Murtle and I are SOOO CRAZY SIMILAR using our creative tree decorating skills. We're BOTH absolutely OVER THE TOP INSANE when it comes to Christmas. However, after a closer look I noticed Murtle loves the super tall and thin tree (like a super model struting down the runway) and I love the short and fat big boned thicker tree (like the one that sits on the couch eating ice cream from the container.) Umm....wait....I *think* I'm still talking about trees. :/ Anyway, here is my Blue, Sliver, and White (Dallas Cowboy) tree.

I always wanted to do a themed tree but talking the hubby into starting all over with decorations wasn't easy. I used a very convincing argument ....SPORTS!!
"Since we love the Dallas Cowboys so much wouldn't it be nice to have a DALLAS COWBOYS themed tree!??? Honey??" 
It worked! (Murtle here. GUA-RAN-TEE she's leaving out promises to wear the cheerleader uniform later that night...snort, giggle) Our tree is complete with Dallas Cowboy ornaments, BUT, WHERE are these lovely ornaments located on the tree, you ask?  Why they are right in the veeerrrryyyy BACK! :) (bet that wasn't negotiated pre-cheerleader uniform, xoxo Murtle..hee hee)

My tree has a number of large spaces to fill, so I always start there.
  • foam balls covered with silver material
  • a few word ornaments
  • large plastic ornaments from the $1 store
  • big snowflakes
  • (my favorite) a disco ball  
Next, I decorate with larger quantity ornaments.  Always start at the top and work your way down to be certain your ornaments are evenly spaced throughout the tree. If you can, just concentrate on decorating the front, so without a doubt your tree will look full.  (fast and furious impatient Murtle says "to hell with the back! who sees it? no time. front we must focus.)  Like Murtle, I love ribbon and floral bling too which is another great filler for any empty spot left on the tree.

Last, I set-up a smaller tree for all of those wonderful school keepsakes!
"You don't want to hunt for those special multicolored ornaments in Mommy's big blue tree? Oh no no, those are too asymmetrical...I mean just too special." 
To wrap this up:
  • big fillers
  • large quantity ornaments evenly spaced
  • concentrate on the front
  • screw the back
  • ribbon and floral bling are your best buds
  • kids stuff needs a separate tree (sorry to interrupt, again, however, we all love it, but hate to screws up the whole damn tree. repeat three times and you will be at peace with this merry decision. xoxo Murtle)

My favorite ornament

Keeping with my themed tree I decorate the rest of the house to match.

Coming up in my next post I'll show you how I made these cute (inexpensive) topiary ornament trees.

xoxo, Gertrude


  1. VERY pretty Gertrude! LOVE the colors. With my husband being a Cowboys fan...he would've loved this color scheme in our home:).....maybe next year!!

  2. Thank you!!! My husband is always extra happy to pull down Christmas bins knowing his favorite team will be front and center all month. Win win for both of us :)

  3. I was feeling the blog until you said you love Dallas Cowboys...GO EAGLES!!!! LOL