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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our First Post - Getting to know Two Busy Best Friend Blonde Uber-Crafters

 We are two uber creative busy blondes who decided to start this blog and share our crafty skills with the world.  If you look up the definition for "Gertrude and Murtle" you would find:
Smart ass craft-a-holics, resembling or similar; having the same or some of the same characteristics; often used in a combination of blondes.

Hi, I'm Murtle. (always behind, running in circles, but focused when it comes to my crafts). I'm usually the girl rushing into a room, then asking 
"Now, what the heck did I come in here for? Where is my glue gun? I don't have time....forget it. Where is my stapler? It will work."
But Gertrude....she's uh, just like me...but not. Let me make a list.
  • we have the gift of "glitter conscienceness" or carry the knowledge of spotting high quality holographic glitter from 10ft away. 
  • short 
  • blonde 
  • same age 
  • same glasses (sometimes) 
  • bossy 
  • uber craft-o-licious 
  • obsessed with new craft ideas 
  • both have two boys oops. Murtle went and screwed that up...boy #3! 
  • one husband and one standard poodle 
xoxo, Murtle
Murtle, ((*choke, cough)) I. Am. Younger. How much? That doesn't matter, just so you know I'm younger.

Hi, I'm Gertrude. (takes on too many projects at once, but in the end everything gets done, on time, with a neat little bow on top and a smile) I'm the girl in the room asking,
"What do you mean you don't remember what you came in here for? We are in this room for a complete, precise, cuteification of all crafts. I did a shakedown mock trial for this craft project instead of sleeping last night. *sigh You came in here for your car keys, and left a baby bottle in the microwave."
Now you must think we're two crafting peas in a pod? Not quite. We have tons of likeness, boy do we, but crafting styles....umm...that's a different story. I'm more of a "precise, perfect, pretty" crafter. Can't have a tiny glue string out of place, plans, thinks, re-thinks, over thinks, and make a test run before crafting. (((cough, clear throat, *roll eyes. sorry to interrupt - Murtle))) Plus, I have a bit of a symmetrical problem/issue/disorder. I've been known to pull out a ruler when necessary. With that said, I'm learning/trying to be more sporadic.

My PIC? (Partner In Crime Crafting) Murtle. Who is more of a "fast, furious, fabulous" crafter. She can grab and create something awesome in a matter of minutes. Very artsy, non-symmetrical, and messy for sure! I'm always in awe because I LOVE her crafts, but given the same materials we would create something crazy different.

We compliment each other amazingly, inspire one another, and speak our own craft language. It sounds something like two women shrieking with glee because their favorite shoes are on sale, and their size is available.  in.  every.  color.
"oh my gosh, how did you make it? SQUEAL! I think I just had a CRAFTGASM! No way. NUH UH. snort. giggle."
It's a passion for both of us and like Murtle said, WE. CRAFT. EVERYTHING.
Baking, painting, jewelry, photography, flower arrangements, last minute red shoes (but that's a whole other post), graphic/web design, digital art, birthday party/home decor crafts, and more photography.....whew! The list goes on and on, endlessly, like Murtle's glitter trail or red bull addiction, till death do us part.

Murtle!! What am I forgetting?
xoxo, Gertrude

Murtle here. APPARENTLY, the oldest crafter in the room. You forgot I am approximately one and one half inch taller than you. However, oddly enough, you refuse to pull out your ruler for that??? weird. Now, let's get our craft on.

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