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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quick Men's/Child Ties - NO SEW tutorial!

Hot glue ties!!! Don't laugh. What!? This is not lazy...well, not in this case. :) Time or lack of time was the issue. We FINALLY took card pictures last Saturday and I had my dress and bought material but STILL had not made the ties. Hot glue to the rescue! Made three ties, belt, and ring for under $6.00 and 1/4 yd of material left! Whoohoo! (pretty proud of that)

If you're wondering about the long hair....he's going for the world record :/ 

hot glue gun and glue sticks
1yd material
velcro tabs
(optional) fusible bonding web

I only used hot glue for this project because the material was thicker. Test material before to make sure hot glue does not show through. If it does, I recommend Stitch Witchery to bond tie for a no sew project.

Traced a tie (mens) and flipped it on either side and traced for the material to fold

Trimmed material and used the iron to press edges for easier folding

Glue edges to make for a finished look

Measure neck length and trace width

Making the tie knot

Cut off excess and tuck top edges

hot glue all edges 

Fold tie over neck strap then bend bottom of tie to fit in the knot. Slide knot to the top.

For the kids I downsized the pattern onto a piece of paper and tested size for each child or if you have a child size tie you can trace instead.

attach velcro tabs 

Ta da!!

Shhhh...extra secret!

I needed a yellow belt FAST! I normally would spray paint for super fast but my son loves his red belt. I used craft paint for easy removal after the photoshoot and tape to cover hardware while painting. For the gray belt I flipped his busy blue-eyed monster belt over and forced the pin to the other side just for pictures. :)

(RING NOT PICTURED :( Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post tutorial)

In my search for a quick tie tutorial I found other great links.

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xoxo, Gertrude

Long tutorial pic


  1. This is so neat and easy! I'm gonna pass this along to my friend who has 5 boys ages 10 to 3! I know she would LOVE to have them in matching ties for a picture and not have to pay for 4 ties! Thank you Gertrude, you're so creative!

  2. Thank you! Please pass it along. It's amazing how nice they turned out. I showed a few people the ties and even looking at them up close you can't tell I used hot glue. Such a fast project and since it didn't cost much I don't feel bad they'll probably never wear them again. :)

  3. how can i get permission to view please?????

  4. how can i get permission to view please?????