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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fingerprint Fun!

This is hands down fingers down one of my boys favorite projects/gifts to make. ;) My favorite gift because it's personalized and SUPER inexpensive to create. Perfect for Mother's Day, Birthdays, Teacher's gift, Valentine's Day or just a fun surprise!

We just recently made a birdhouse birthday gift.

What you need:
ink pad
permanent (fine tip) marker
spray sealer (especially if it's going outdoors)
something to fingerprint on :)

Busy fingers having fun creating sometimes forget that they need to wipe off or wash fingers when changing colors. Keep wet wipes handy, this will save your ink pad! 

Changing from green to orange.....poor ink pad. :( 

FROG- two thumb prints sideways
BEE- one index fingerprint
BUG- two tips of index or middle fingerprints
FLOWER- six index fingerprints and one tip of index or middle finger

LADYBUG- one index fingerprint

SPIDER- one index fingerprint sideways

And just like this blog post about thank you cards, add a personalized card to the gift!

I usually buy whatever sealer is on sale but I like how quick this one dried. 

Other projects we've made.... 

This was a teacher gift. Fingerprints from each student. She LOVED it!

Spray painted the pot blue, added clouds and grass and then had the kids pick what they wanted to add. I wish I had more time in the class to add names .

Mother's day gift

We also made a fish theme flowerpot that I can't find a picture. :( Use index fingerprints sideways and add the triangle fishtail, eye and smile. SUPER cute!!

Now go be creative!!

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  1. That is the sweetest thing! Makes me think of Spring:)