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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thank You's

We FINALLY finished thank you cards yesterday! My boys have learned to love writing their cards and I enjoy the extra little details and drawings they add. You see, IF they don't want to write cards then they don't get to keep the gift. Said in a nice way. :) Over the years this has turned into a fun activity with music and treats.

Our cards are super inexpensive and usually pictures with text to add that personal touch. Text can be done in any paint/photo program or in a word document with a text box.  

This year I took the picture in front of the tree the day before we took it down. Whew! I forgot to take one I could use Christmas morning that wasn't a blur of wrapping paper being tossed. So after school with both boys wearing crazy colors, we took photos. I decided on a little depth (blur) and selective color to disguise the marker hands/ lunch spills/ messy hair and all over grubby-ness of a fun filled day at school.

I sent pictures to the hour photo department (or print at home), got out the card stock, double sided tape and paper trimmer. I saw the local craft store had some random packs of cards on sale for .20 cents so I picked up a few just for the smaller envelopes. (I'll recycle the cards in some future craft)

Now for the boys to get to work :)