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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Camp "WRITE" along camp fire - Gertrude and Murtle craft together!!! Uh oh!

Campfire Mayham!!

We were asked to help decorate for a themed writing week at school that transformed the entire 4th grade into campsites for "Camp WRITE Along." 

After a fun day of decorating we planned a sleepover to continue crafting. (Kids? Yeah, they were there too) 

This was the campfire. Super cute but the classroom needed a 3D campfire!!

This was my idea of a cheap, therapy craft. Murtle on the other hand...well, a nightmare craft!! 

 MURTLE - "How many steps does this craft have????" 

I just needed Murtle to sit still and complete TWO steps and she would have fun painting (her crafting strength between us) BUT this proved to be a bigger challenge then expected. 

GERTRUDE - "No, Murtle, we do not need something else to make the rocks"
 "Yes, we are using white card stock."
                    "Yes it has a bunch of steps and yes we have to do them all."

I made the mistake of asking for a crafting supply "Murtle, do you have tape?" What seemed like forever went by when I finally plugged in the hot glue gun and finished four boxes before she returned.

 More fussing and disbelief in this "overly in depth craft" continued.


Just as I had hoped the painting was most definitely the best part that kept her happy. After painting more fussing and some random painting of her craft room with the little leftover paint she couldn't part with without using. :/ FINALLY we finished and it turned out so cute.

 What got us ME through this craft....distraction, reassuring, and painting! Whew!


Little boxes (I saved used post office boxes)
Tape or hot glue
Tissue paper
Empty paper towel rolls or wrapping paper rolls
Box cutter
Large box side (glue the campfire on for easy travel)

Cut the boxes in half

Covered with paper and painted
Gerturde's boxes

Murtles fancy painted boxes :)

Glued the boxes in a circle to a flap from a box (or use thick cardboard)
Arranged "logs" covered in shelf lining and hot glued
Added the tissue paper and it was complete

If you don't want to use shelf lining you can draw lines on the rolls with a black marker to make them look like logs

A lightweight campfire to add to the camping theme!

I just love how our tree turned out!!

Two Busy Blondes