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Friday, April 27, 2012

DINOSAUR PARTY ideas - dino eggs, volcano and sandpit!


PAPER MACHE Dinosaur egg decorations or party favors???? BOTH!!!!!

I told you I love paper mache! These eggs were such a hit and were soooooo inexpensive to make. They did, however, take lots and lots and lots of time. I ended up making 26!


I like to use either of these recipes depending on the project.

1. 1/2 part white glue (Elmers) to 1/2 part water


2. 1 part flour to 5 parts water. Boil for 2-4 minutes and let cool. Takes longer but it's much cheaper.

I used the flour recipe for the feet since I was making several paper mache items at once. 
 I've also heard liquid starch works great too.


Glue or Flour (depending on recipe)
Spray paint
Paper clips (optional)

After I made my paper mache mix I blew up a balloon to a good size. (however big you have to think about covering the whole area) I covered the balloon with strips of news paper 1"wide in different directions and over lapping. 

Once covered I used a paper clip to hook the tie of the balloon and hung them from a shelve in my garage. It would hold 4 at a time and I placed newspaper below them in case they dripped. 

After drying I checked if there were any weak spots that might need an extra strip or two of paper and re-hung if needed. Once completely dry I spray painted them silver and used a speckled spray paint (gray, black and white) to lightly give a textured look. Then back to dry.

I left the balloon blown up while I completed the others but as the days went by the balloon would shrink putting stress on the paper mache. I would recommend popping the balloon and placing them somewhere "safe" since they will dent or crush easy. 

I filled with goodies and covered the hole with a piece of dry newspaper with glue on the edges. I did this so the kids could poke through the paper for a starting point to open. This really came in handy since I make the eggs so sturdy when they tried to ripe them open they just crushed. 

Little more spray paint and speckled spray paint and they were complete!

The smaller eggs are filled some beans and were used as a "hot potato" type game. I made a few incase a child squeezed it really hard. They're sturdy but not that sturdy. 

Checkout my dinosaur feet and bowl paper mache project HERE

What are in these HUGE dino eggs, you ask??

Why ALL the party favors!!!

I filled the egg with everything pictured except the CD, crayons and dino feet.
Gliders were the hardest thing to fill since I didn't want to make large holes in the eggs.

Purchased the dinosaur money HERE
Dinosaur gummy snacks were purchased at Randalls

Can't remember where the bouncy balls (3D looking) or fact cards were purchased

Everyone grabbing an egg

The kids went crazy and all the parents couldn't believe my decorations were the favors all along.

To erupt I hot glued 5 mentos together and set a 2 liter of coke in the pot (top of the volcano) and dropped the mentos in and ran!

Kids and parents loved this. I erupted it about 4 times.

Dinosaur crayons!!

I used this candy mold and just made sure to put it in the freeze to make sure the heat didn't distort the design. 

I used broken crayons and separated them into piles of similar colors. In an old pot I put it on low heat and melted them down and filed the mold. Freezer for a few minutes and let them set to dry. These turned out so cute.

Indoor fossil sandpit!!!

I purchased this mold 

and bought the casting mix at Micheals craft store. I made three and painted to distress the white and hot glued to the paper. The pit is made from old boxes and covered with brown packing paper. Purchased sandbox sand at home depot.

Made cute personalized labels for the brushes

Pre-party digging :)

To make sure this activity didn't continue the whole party or if kids got a little crazy with the sand we made a volcano lava pit top to cover it up. LIFE SAVER!!!

Used a card board box that was secured on the other side with more cardboard to make it stay flat.

Check back for my final post on the decorations, cake and LOTS more pictures!


  1. This is AMAZING! Makes me want a boy!

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    I've just found your Awesome blog and Ladies I'm Hooked! You two are Super Duper Creative!! Following! :)

  3. How did you make the sandpit? I am planning a backyard luau for my daughter's party and don't want to buy an overpriced kid's sandbox.

  4. I did this for my daughter's birthday! You don't need a boy! Lol

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    1. If you type dinosaur into the search bar at the top it comes up as the 2nd post in the results

  6. could you use the off brand of coke (walmart) maybe and still get the same reaction?! I'm totally making this volcano for my daughters bday party!!!!!!

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  9. Where can I find the steps on making the volcano? Thanks!

  10. Where can I find the steps on making the volcano? Thanks!

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