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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For my Peeps - GREAT teacher gift!

Who LOVES Pinterest!? I do! I do!

So in the many hours of browsing and admiring and planning to create some of the most fantastic ideas ever....I came across Peep S'mores! I think this is an absolutely the cutest gift. I made teacher gifts and  downsized for classmates.

I've never had a peep and sadly with my summer "Operation get my butt in gear or I'll be sad when I can't fit into a swimsuit" going strong, I knew these little, sugary, irresistible, yumminess {{drool}} would not be a good idea. However, the boys were willing to expirement (just to make sure the time was accurate, of course) and they went crazy for them.

I had no clue they came in so many colors and I felt I went a little overboard on my first purchase. :)


Graham crackers
(I tried several bags but the Celebrate It @ Michael's worked perfect. 100 bags 4in x 6in)

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I would like to start off saying this is an extremely MESSY MESSY process. Peep sugar everywhere!!!

Made the individual packages for classmates

For the teachers. I made them a little more colorful 
by switching out peeps from each package. 
 I bought the baskets last year after Easter for $1 

When you make the s'more the peep gets fat and almost rolls in the microwave. Watch out not to microwave more then 10 seconds. If the chocolate is still a little hard just wait a few minutes to eat (if you can) and it will get soft. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE how these turned out! Can't wait to deliver them tomorrow morning!

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