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Friday, May 25, 2012

"MUST HAVE" crafting supplies - What's yours?

Pick one thing you can't live without when crafting!? Well, one was hard but I could narrow it down to SIX :)  I left a few ton of favorites off my list but I was going for what I use most.

1. Double sided tape - I should buy stock in it! I use double sided tape all the time and in a ton of crafts. I don't think I can use regular tape anymore.

attaching tags

attaching scrapbook paper to the matte

  banner                   thank you cards                   wrapping
                attaching letters            attaching pictures       keeping all the treats in place

attaching tags

2. Glue gun - Whoooohoooo! My poor over used or as a friend (a denial crafter) said today, it is "Well Loved." After seeing how destroyed it looks, it's definitely well loved! (hard to tell from the picture but it "loves" me back...see the heart?) If I'm not attaching with double sided tape, it's with a glue gun. Remember my glue gun ties?? Three ties made quick for a photoshoot and even holding them, you can't tell I used hot glue!

 glue gun ties               glue gun necklace

3. Spray paint - I know this one is kinda weird but I LOVE spray paint! I have almost every color and for something super quick and dries's awesome!! Now that i've found Glitter Blast spray paint that I used on the guest book picture frame, glitter was not listed in my top crafting supplies :( but I'm :) since it dries sooooo fast!


spray painted the pots
4. Cutter - I have a small fiskar cutting board I use sooooo much. I keep a stock of back-up blades since I wear them down so fast. I'm actually pretty good with scissors, unlike some other crafter *cough* not going to name names.....MURTLE!! :D Scissor challenged is what I like to call it. Anyway, the cutter makes it look perfect!!!! Just how I like it!

  egg carton cover            tags for classmates   

                                 teacher tags                                         


5. Punches - big heart, small heart, big star, small star, big circle, medium circle, small circle,  scalloped circle, big edge rounder, small edge rounder, big tag, small tag, square, borders and too many more to name. :D I think I have a bit of a problem.

Same crafts above all have tags punched with my punchers. :) My favorite one right now is the Recollections 1 7/16 scalloped lever punch.

tags, tags and more tags

6. RIBBON! - I'm sure this is a big one with crafters. I finish almost every project with ribbon (if I can.) I can't wait to share my ribbon topiaries I made recently. Oooooh ahhhhh.....they're so cute! I'm in the process of finding the best way to store all the mounds of ribbon I have but every time I need a color I go tearing through it messing up any kind of organization. :(

After talking with Murtle our list is very different. (See her list soon) So I was wondering 
what is your pick as top crafting items?

Before and After 

I like the first one :) 

xoxo, Gertrude
Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Hi Gertrude!

    Wonderful idea with the "You Rock" teacher gift (money and candy rocks). I was curious though as to how you were able to seal the bottom of the cans back together.


  2. Hi Audrie! Thank you! When I used the can opener I left part of the lid attached and just folded it back down and used the glue gun to seal around the edges. Since it doesn't match up exactly I used packing material before sealing just incase some of the glue dripped in the can. It doesn't look perfect but no one looked at the bottom. :) Thank you for the nice comment and question! Gerturde

  3. All your projects look amazing but I can't view any of the pictures. What do I need to do so I have access to all the pictures on your post. I apologize, I am new to all this. Sorry. Thanks.