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Thursday, June 28, 2012

July 4th Centerpiece

July 4th Fireworks Centerpiece

Murtle here. Yeah, yeah, I've been MIA in the crafting world. I'm trying hard to get back in it. The last few months seem to be a blur...balancing a million projects, baby and trying to use the bathroom alone.   I have a number of legit excuses reasons for putting off my crafting projects. Thank goodness for Gertrude keeping you interested with her remarkable work and craft enthusiasm. G. is my hero. ;)

You can substitute gumballs with marbles or any type of candy. 

Added a little paper flag I found at Micheals.

Cut the roses and added them to the vase attempting to be symmetrical. ;)

Added smaller flags found at Micheals, and folded the flag over the vase.

Using tiny 2 inch firework die cuts found at Micheals I hot glued them to a left over flag stick.

Ta Da! I'm back crafting. This is an easy project and does not require much money or time!  Perfect for the table while having BBQ and fireworks!

Hope you have a great Fourth of July!
xoxoxo - Murtle

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