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Saturday, June 2, 2012

END of the YEAR - classmates & teacher gifts! Super cute!

I know the school year is done but I wanted to share the boys end of the year gift for the teachers and the little gift they handed out to their classmates.

WARNING: TONS of pictures :)

CLASS GIFT                           TEACHER GIFT

It all started at my bake shop when I saw this

Ahhhhhhh....I love rainbows was instantly draw over to all the colors


I filled the bags with each color of Sixlets candy (chocolate center and candy coating.) YUM! They can be found at any party store too. I like this shop because I can pick out just the right amount needed.

I found these bags online HERE. They are 1x8 1.6mil (100 bags) They fit M&M's (original reason for purchase) but the sixlets fit perfect too!

They have tabs to seal but since I wasn't filling the bags to the top I cut them off.

I made these cute little tags that said, "Hope you have a BALL this summer!"

Used my favorite punch 1 7/16 scalloped lever punch by recollections

I placed a piece of double sided tape inside the bag and pressed it closed leaving most of the tape still out. I took one side of the tag and attached it to the tape and matched the other side of the tag and attached it to the tape. One piece of double sided tape closed the bag and attached both sides of the tag! This is why I LOVE double sided tape!


Looks crazy, right? Cans of beans? Rocks?

I picked out cans without markings around the pop top and made sure the bottom could be opened with a regular can opener. Rock candy, 50 dollars in ones (gave each teacher $26 so total $52,), made labels to fit the cans, and boys wrote a little note for each letter of the alphabet.

So sweet! "S" almost made me cry. "S is for sad. I will be sad not to have you as my teacher next year."

Opened cans from the bottom leaving them attached so I could re-seal them easier, washed and dried.

Measured and cut labels

Sweet notes

Stuck each note to a $1 bill in alphabetical order

Attached each dollar together with a piece of transparency tape (vertically) for easy tearing. This will make it super easy to separate the bills.

Rolled the money up starting with the A and left the center loose.

I found these rock candies that fit perfect with the theme of the school..."Teachers ROCK" and bagged them up and tied with ribbon. 

Once rolled I pulled the inside bill up a little and used tape to attach the bag of "rocks" 

I added a little tag that said, "rock candy" since they look so realistic and placed the bag inside the roll of ones. Turned it upside down (so the top was what the teachers see first when they pop the lid,) placed it in the can, added a little packing material and hot glued edges to seal the can closed.

Attached the label with double sided tape and added a ribbon. SO SUPER CUTE!!!

 I received a sweet text from both teachers and one sent me this picture :) I was so excited the idea worked. 

For the rest of the teachers we wanted to let them know we thought they "rocked" but I couldn't afford $26 for each. Small but sweet little containers just holding the candy rocks for the rest.

placed bags upside down in the cans and repeated the steps above

Measured (using the existing label I tore off the can) and cut labels


Thank you for stopping by!