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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day! - Gift basket & picture ideas

I wish I could've posted these earlier but my hubby is a fan of the blog. :D


This was my sons idea and I love it! They already do all these things, except the car wash. They help Dad but I guess they REALLY want to do it by themselves.
GREAT!!! My car next!!! 

They are printed on heavy card stock and are easy to cut out except for the corners. After trimming one I wished I had a reverse corner rounding punch. Ah ha! Then realized that's a hold puncher. :)

It was funny how excited they were. They had few others I left off and one I had to change. J said he wants his to say, "Man Servant"
ME:  What????
J:  You know where I do stuff Dada wants done.
Me:  Hmmmm....lets change that to ASSISTANT :)

I'll try to add the download for the coupon template this week. 

Here is a cute way to make a bag more personal

I printed a couple pictures and one large one with text

Attached with double sided tape

The boys made cards :)

btw, he did add the apostrophe :)

Here are two picture ideas.  I've done letters before but saw the DAD on Pinterest and thought it was super cute.

These are ones I took for friends

Murtle's boys! Baby kicked me while doing this with the A foot and left a big black A on my arm. When I got home my hubby asked, "What's with the scarlet letter?" Haha!

This gift was from me.....nothing says Happy Father's Day like meat and alcohol! Haha! JUST KIDDING. This is kinda a joke. My hubby is not an alcoholic but he does love tequila and we were just talking about the little air plane bottles (it's in the movie Into the Fray.)

Found the baskets in the clearance section at Wal-Mart. It came with three but one I'm using for the house and the other two for gifts.

Attached floral foam with hot glue and covered with paper shreds

I went to Twin Liquors and they have these ranging from .89 cents to $2.29. I bought a bunch to make this same gift again. 

Quick way to cut dowels. Press wire cutters and pull dowel down on one side. Not perfect but if you are in a hurry it works :)

Attach dowels with hot glue

Arrange and you are done!!!

Tutorial pic

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, I really love that photo idea, must try it at some point!!

  2. Bag and basket idea is great!

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  4. great idea for kids to give their dad, thanks

  5. Love your ideas! You Go Girls!!!

  6. You can also use sucker sticks for candy or skewers instead of dowel rods and may not have to cut. Not as heavy weight as dowel rods but work just as well.

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  8. I think I'm going to get my hubby a gift basket on Father's day. Thanks for the ideas!

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