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Friday, June 15, 2012

Magnetic PICTURE FRAME - multi-use! DIY craft TUTORIAL!!

I think this is the coolest project!!!!!

I found scatter frames on sale at Hobby Lobby, HOT pink spray paint, and picked out a fabric to match. 

Spray painted frame

My next stop was Home Depot (no Lowes near me now :/) and found sheets of metal. They don't really cut metal but the gentleman was nice enough to see if he could. I ended up re-cutting with one of my hubby's tools to fit perfectly. The edges were not as clean cut but I covered it with fabric.

Bought this one for $4.30 in the plumbing department


I accented the frame with hot pink metallic craft paint and then GLITTER BLASTED!!! 

I picked up Posh Pink and Citrus Dream.....oooohhh ahhhhh

They also have a glitter blast sealer I didn't see before. LOVE it!!!!
 Note: I’m not at all affiliated with Krylon, and I’m not promoting them for any other reason than Glitter Blast rocks. :) 

Trim excess fabric

3M Super 77 adhesive spray. Found it at Wal-Mart in Glue/Adhesive section in the housewares department. Kinda pricey ($9.49) but it's worth it. 

Spray metal, lay fabric and smooth out wrinkles and bubbles. (have something covering underneath or use outside since it sprays further then you think) I had scrap paper under it and it was sooooo sticky!

Spray edges and pull tight as you fold it over

Perfectionist in me is twitching.......eeeeek! Looks so ugly BUT I covered it!!!

No back on the scatter frame so I cut a piece of cardboard the same size as metal to fit the frame. Sprayed with adhesive spray and folded edges down.

Hot glued's perfect!!!! No ugly side showing!

Ahhhhhhh!!!! So cute! 


Found some heavy duty magnets at Michael's Craft Store and at Wal-Mart

If you want to make post-it notes magnetic, use FLAT magnetic strips vs. the rolled kind. If you use the rolled on post its it pulls them apart as it bends.

Furniture sliders. Found them at Wal-Mart in the housewares department. I loved the size and I planned on covering a few with material.

Spray painted hooks for maybe keys or something. I tried painting one slider with metallic craft paint to see if it would look good. After the second coat it did. So if you don't have spray paint, use craft paint. 

Then MORE Glitter Blast!!!!!

I attached button magnets to the back with hot glue. 


Don't laugh! I didn't have this color in spray paint....ugh! I hand painted. Two coats of metallic craft paint and it looked fantastic.

TA DA!!!!!

I made this project for my bathroom. I don't wear a lot of makeup so the smaller frame works perfect. I made a glitter letter too but didn't have time to add to this post. 
I attached button magnets with hot glue so I could pop them off when the makeup was used up.

Thank you stopping by!


  1. This is such a fun frame! I love the colour and fabric combination and am envious that you have a bathroom where this pop of colour works :) I made one of these last year with a backless frame from Michaels but it's much bigger. I wish I'd used spray adhesive to attach the fabric. I'm sure it would have been much easier than whatever method I used.

    I will be on the look out for furniture sliders to repurpose into magnets. Great idea!

  2. Fantastic project! I'm going to make one for my daughter to hold her makeup in the bathroom. So tired of it being all over her counter. I may make one for my office too. Thanks much!

  3. Such a cute idea and thanks for the detail in the instructions. I'm working on ideas for my daughters room and this would be great!

  4. So pretty! Could you tell us how you made the stand? Or did you get it pre made?

  5. AHHH! Thank you SOOOO much for posting this! I just bought a bunch of those same frames and I have been looking for a tutorial on how to properly do the fabric backing! HOORAY! Thanks ladies!!!! You're the best!

  6. Just curious how you attached the metal piece to the frame - with Staples?

    1. I was wondering this too!! Please advise.

  7. Wow! It comes out really great. Your frame is astonishing. I really love it. And it inspires me to give this DIY project a try. Oh! I hope it will come out as lovely as yours.

  8. DIY projects are really inspiring! Love doing lots of project! Thanks for sharing this!


  9. making this for my daughter's grad !!! It will be on display in the gym at her school and will hold photos of her for that. in future she can take it with her to her dorm and use the magnet hooks etc to hang keys, jewelry, notes, photos, you name it !! You saved my bacon cuz I have the frame and a vague idea of what I wanted but you really made this step by step easy for me. now to get started....

  10. Really cute idea and so easy. The gears in my head started moving when you mentioned the spray adhesive getting all over your work area. Not sure if this would work but try using a straw like DW40 has for their cans to concentrate the spray to a smaller spray. IDK. Just thinking out loud. The problem might be that the straw would plug up with the glue or not spray at all. Haven't tried this but I like putting ideas out there for brainstorming. And I will try it and your idea. Great instructions by the way.