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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More fun with HAIR COLOR! Gertrude experiments on Murtle! :D

After the boys hair color I wanted to experiment on someone else.... "Oh Murtle! How about some fun hair color as I use you as a guinea pig try a fun new color combo?" :D After several chicken noises (which I'm awesome at) she reluctantly agreed. Excellent! {{in my best Mr. Burns voice}}

See products used HERE

EEEEEeeeee! I love how it turned out. SHE DID TOO, so much she wanted me to do the WHOLE process again to do MORE color!!!! My response was, "WHO was chicken? Who was that?" until she raised her hand. Haha! Gotta love Murtle!

And just incase you were is my chicken noise :)

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  1. After the boys hair color I wanted to experiment on someone else.... choosing the right hair color