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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ON FIRE! Fun with hair color! - tutorial for RED, ORANGE and YELLOW hair

Summertime crazy color! The boys had such a great school year and this is a reward for perfect attendance and the other for all A honor roll the entire year. {{insert PROUD MAMA SMILE}} These two were so excited and begged (and bugged) until it was done. We have can color spray but  opted for a semi-permanent. Suppose to fade after 8 or so washes and can be touched up as needed.

**I'm not a professional, this is my first time coloring hair and only showing the steps I used.  It's always best to consult or have a professional apply when working with any of these products. :)

This was taken before I fixed his hair for the day. It looks even better with gel.

I used Joico semi- permanent intensity color...I actually bought every color they make (not pictured) thinking I might have some fun too. 

I used 30 volume developer and mixed it 1:1 with Joico Creme Lightener

I recommend not coloring the top hair since you can see the lines if you don't start at the root. I lifted the hair on the crown of his head and colored the layer just below.  I clipped his hair up, highlighted, washed, dried, colored, washed, dried.  Whew! With processing for lightener and color and application it took about an hour and half. 

Totally worth every minute! He was soooooo excited!
"Mama, I ROCK!"

I didn't take the greatest pics but this was my oldest just a couple days before.

And here is an update of what we did yesterday

 He's been in the pool so much it faded fast so we changed it up a little. Colored, washed, dried and styled :)

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Where did your purchase the products? At a regular beauty supply shop?

  2. Why can't I see any of your pictures they all say "content protected by owner"

  3. Why can't I see any of your pictures they all say "content protected by owner"

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